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Kista // Artist

Kista’s work traverses a sundry of mediums—a perpetual maker.

Kista, a Baltimore-born shy child with an artist for a father, was doodling before she could talk. It's no surprise that she ended up studying graphic design and landed her first gig in an art department corporation before she even finished her studies. She soon set off on a journey westward, taking a pit stop in Dallas before finally finding her way to the glittering city of Los Angeles.

Lithography was love at first sight for Kista, who was smitten with the smell of paper and ink. She's been hustlin' in the print management and graphic design game ever since.

She's a tech gal, sure, but Kista's true passion is getting down and dirty with her hands. The more tedious the task, the happier she is. 

With a mischievous streak a mile wide, Kista's creations are often a humorous attempt to break free from her straight-laced design practices. She's a fan of all things flashy and gaudy, like metallics, neon colors, and sequins.

Kista is the mastermind behind Perpetual Makers, an invite-only artist collective where she and her crew gather weekly to share their wildest ideas, experiences, and projects.




Mixed Media








Artist | Athlete

Organizing makes me giddy. I gag at the smell of anything berry due to a head injury. I ride a vintage Peugeot bicycle. I talk to my hummingbirds. I like my cookies cold.


Neuro Nerd. Podcast junkie. Peak-bagged three 14ers. 100 mile run finisher. I ❤️ Death Valley.

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