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Kista // Artist

Kista's work dances through a multitude of mediums, like a relentless artist determined to haunt them all.

Kista, a timid Baltimore-born child of an artist, was scribbling away before she could even form words. It's hardly a shocker that she eventually delved into graphic design, snagging her first job in a corporate art department before graduating.

She then embarked on a journey westward, detouring through Dallas before landing in the dazzling abyss of Los Angeles.


Lithography stole Kista's heart, with its intoxicating blend of paper and ink aromas. She's been grinding away in the print management and graphic design scene ever since.

Sure, she's tech-savvy, but Kista's real love lies in getting her hands dirty. The more mind-numbing the task, the more it tickles her twisted fancy.

With a mischievous streak that could outstretch a highway, Kista's creations often resemble a desperate attempt to escape her buttoned-up design sensibilities. She's all about the gaudy and flashy, like metallics, neon hues, and sequins.




Mixed Media








Artist | Athlete

I get a thrill from the act of organizing, like a deranged librarian with OCD. I retch at the mere whiff of anything berry-scented, thanks to a noggin' knock that left me even more peculiar. I hold captivating conversations with my resident hummingbirds, although they're probably plotting something diabolical. I like my cookies cold as a well digger’s… 


I'm a certified Neuro Nerd, a podcast junkie with a penchant for delving into the unknown corners of the mind. I've conquered three 14ers like a goat, and I've got a 100-mile run finisher medal from Nanny Goat. Oh, and Death Valley? It holds a special place in my twisted heart. ❤️

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